What you can do to measure and build resilience.

The results of decades of research on resilience are convincing and compelling, and have produced excellent tools to help you in your personal growth and resilience-related work. 

If you would like to measure and build resilience in yourself, your organization, or within your practice:

  • Go to the Practice of Resilience page for more information about tools you can use to increase the value of your coaching or clinical practice.
  • Purchase the book True Resilience: Building a Life of Strength, Courage, and Meaning to get a treasure trove of knowledge about resilience, straight from the researcher whose understanding of resilience has become the "gold standard".
  • Go to our Fun Assessments to get a quick resilience score, and learn how you can use our highly-accurate, research-based tools to measure resilience in individuals or populations.
  • Read our Articles on resilience that reflect our current thinking and will keep you up-to-date on what's happening on the cutting edge.
  • If you would like to use resilience in your research, go to the Science of Resilience page to purchase licenses for the most accurate and widely-used resilience tools available.


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What is Resilience? Live longer | Are more likely to achieve success | Tend to respond better to stress | Manage chronic illness more effectively | Are less depressed | Are happier with themselves | Are typically better employees | Are physically healthier | Thrive | What you can do to build resilience