Resilient people tend to respond better to stress.

Resilient people tend to respond better to stress

Stress is unavoidable, and prolonged stress can wreak havoc on your health, leaving you susceptible to infections, diseases, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and memory loss. This is not good.

Several researchers have learned that resilient people are problem solvers and are more likely to choose a more effective response to stress. They are resourceful and less likely to act impulsively. They use active coping such as exercising and spending time with friends.

In contrast, less resilient people tend to use emotion-focused coping, such as dwelling on the negative, avoidance, sleeping, procrastinating, drinking to excess, smoking, and overeating.

Resilient people have learned that they are not powerless in any situation, and are more likely to take action, rather than “giving up and giving in.” The chart at left shows how 767 adults answered questions about stress. Resilient people know what causes them stress, and they also know how to relax.


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