Resilience Scale™ User's Guide

The Resilience Scale User's Guide is an essential tool for researchers and is free with the purchase of a licensing agreement.

It is included when you purchase a licensing agreement to use the Resilience Scale™ (RS™) or RS14™. It is not available separately. 

If you want to properly administer the Resilience Scale™ (RS™) or RS14™ and accurately interpret your results, you need this. Not only can it save you days of looking for references on Resilience, but most importantly, the User's Guide gives you recommendations on the best way to administer the Resilience Scale™ (RS™)or RS14™ in order to get the best results, and how to correctly interpret your results.

Some features include:

  • A 10-page, detailed explanation of Resilience, including definitions of resilience, "State vs. Trait," the "Resilience Core," and the "Model of Resilience."
  • 25 pages of references that include related studies, literature, books, and translations. Be sure to check out the Bibliography available on this website as well.
  • Dozens of tables and figures showing study results from the Resilience Scale™ (RS™) and the RS14™ representing over 30 years of research into Resilience.
  • 18 pages of research results and analyses from use of the RS14™, including its relationship to factors such as depression and health status. This section contains 18 tables and 12 charts and results and analyses.
  • Read about recommendations on the best way to administer the Resilience Scale™ (RS™) and the RS14™in order to get the best results, how to score the Resilience Scale™ (RS™), and 24 pages, including 24 tables, to show you how to correctly interpret your results.
  • Understand the reliability and validity of both tools, with a chapter devoted to each topic.
  • Learn about the development of the Resilience Scale™ (RS™) and the RS14™.

About the User's Guide

Gail Wagnild, principal author of the Resilience Scale™ (RS™) and RS14™ , offers the Resilience Scale User's Guide to researchers who will benefit from more than 30 years of resilience research using the Resilience Scale™ (RS™) and the RS14™.  She gives clear instructions on how to properly administer the scale, and shows you how to interpret the results. She also offers unique insights into the development and validity of the resilience model itself.

The 144-page Resilience Scale User’s Guide is full of important information that you will find invaluable when administering, scoring, and interpreting your results.

Once you have purchased a licensing agreement, we will send an electronic PDF copy to your email inbox so that you have immediate access to the information needed for every step of your research. 

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