We have the tools you need to measure resilience with accuracy in any setting including research, coaching, wellness programs, employee screening, workshops, evaluation studies and more. Our measures are backed by more than 30 years of research and are reliable, valid and proven.

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Original Resilience Scale™ (RS™)

The original Resilience Scale™ (RS™) is an established instrument to measure resilience. Developed in the 1980s, it was the first ever scale designed to measure psychological resilience and has since been used around the world with dozens of translations. It has high reliability and validity and takes 4-6 minutes to complete.

Short Resilience Scale ™ (RS14™)

The brief Resilience Scale™ (RS14™) is a 14-item instrument that measures resilience. It is a highly popular and well-established scale used around the world and available in dozens of translations. It has strong reliability and validity and requires only 3-4 minutes to complete.   

Resilience Scale™ User's Guide

The Resilience Scale User's Guide is an indispensable guide for use with the Resilience Scale™ and the shorter RS14™. It is intended for researchers who want to know how to score and interpret the results of their research using these scales. It is included when you purchase a licensing agreement to use either of these scales. 

Resilience Scale for Children™ (RS10™)

The Resilience Scale for Children™ (RS10™) is a 10-item survey that measures a child’s capacity to respond in a positive way to life's challenges. It is built on our resilience research that began in the mid-1980s. A user's guide is included with a licensing agreement. 

Online Resilience Assessment for Coaches and Wellness Programs

The online Resilience Assessment for use in coaching and wellness programs is a comprehensive assessment that takes a few minutes to complete and produces a detailed and personalized Resilience Profile at the click of a button.

Online Resilience Assessment for Youth

The online Resilience Assessment for Youth is an excellent metric to use prior to resilience building programs with middle and high school students. When the survey is completed, the student receives immediate feedback in the form of a 4-page individualized Resilience Profile.  

True Resilience: Building a Life of Strength, Courage, and Meaning

True Resilience is an interactive guide that is filled with practical ideas on how to build and strengthen resilience. It is a great addition for coaching, workshops, and anyone who wants to understand more about how to life a resilient life.