The Resilience Scale™ (RS™)

The 25 item Resilience Scale™ (RS™)

The RS14™

The shortened version of the Resilience Scale™ (RS™)  

Resilience Scale for Children™ (RS10™)

The Resilience Scale for Children™ (RS10™) written for 7-12 year old children and ten items in length. 

The online Resilience Scale

The online Resilience Scale uses an updated 25-item Resilience Scale. 

The online Resilience Supports Scale

The online Resilience Supports Scale measures lifestyle practices that support or undermine your Resilience Core. 

The online Resilience Profile

The online Resilience Profile is a detailed and personalized report explaining an individual’s Resilience Scale score.

The Workplace Resilience Scale©

We now offer a Workplace Resilience Scale©. Once completed, you will receive an immediate interpretation of your score.