Resilient people thrive.

Resilient people tend to have better and longer-lasting social connections.

Social connections improve physical health, psychological well-being, and make life worth living.  A recent study revealed that lack of connection is more harmful to  health than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure. People who are connected to each other have stronger immune systems, recover from illness quicker and have a 50% increased probability of longevity.

Those with social connections have lower rates of anxiety and depression and more self-esteem. And, a long term study in Sweden found that staying connected to others will likely delay dementia and those who disengaged were 60% more likely to develop dementia.

Resilient people are connected and they thrive!




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What is Resilience? Live longer | Are more likely to achieve success | Tend to respond better to stress | Manage chronic illness more effectively | Are less depressed | Are happier with themselves | Are typically better employees | Are physically healthier | Thrive | What you can do to build resilience