Our journey through life is more meaningful and rewarding when we travel with friends. Those we care about and who care about us are a treasure of incalculable value because they love and accept us, including our strengths and imperfections. Their acceptance and support help us to live resiliently.

It’s good to know how important it is to build a community of those who will go the distance with you and how you can nurture and strengthen these important relationships in your life.  People who have close relationships have:

  • A more positive self-image.
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Fewer alcohol, drug, and addiction problems.
  • Less depression and anxiety.
  • Lower risk of death due to illness.

Close and intimate friends:

  • Support and encourage us to live meaningful lives.
  • Pursue our dreams.
  • Be ourselves.
  • Keep going even when we want to quit.

In short, they help us recognize, build, and strengthen our desire and ability to live resiliently.

Can we be resilient without friends? Yes, but life wouldn’t be nearly as rich or meaningful. As British novelist, scholar, and Christian apologist, C.S. Lewis said “Friendship has no survival value but it gives value to survival”.




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