Self-care builds up your Resilience Core in three major ways:

  1. It improves your overall health so that you have physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual energy and stamina to keep going, even when you’re tired and discouraged.
  2. It helps you develop the self-discipline necessary to keep moving forward despite roadblocks.
  3. It reinforces a “can do” attitude that is a powerful personal asset when pursuing challenging goals.

It’s also true that the stronger your Resilience Core, the more motivated you’ll be to take care of yourself. This is because resilient people live purposeful lives and have compelling reasons to get up every morning. They desire a high level of wellness in order to fulfill their goals.

You know what you need to do to live a long and healthy life. The five lifestyle choices below will lead to a longer and more satisfying life.

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Get adequate sleep
  3. Eat healthy and nutritious food
  4. Don’t smoke
  5. Avoid excessive alcohol use




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