Resilience, Self-reported Depression and Health

Resilience, self-reported depression, and healthy behaviors were measured in a sample of 8,903 adults 18 years and older with an average of 38 years. The mean RS-14 score was 78.1 and the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was .94.

Eleven percent of the respondents reported experiencing symptoms of depression frequently or all of the time. Respondents with lower resilience scores were less likely to report that they exercised, ate nutritiously, were within five pounds of their ideal weight, and were more likely to report that they used tobacco products.

Among those with lower resilience scores, 32% reported experiencing symptoms of depression always or frequently, in contrast to 5% with higher resilience scores reporting depression.  Resilience and depression were inversely related (r=-.45) and resilience was positively related to self-reported health status (r=.30).



Wagnild G (2015). Resilience, self-reported depression and health. Resilience Scale User’s Guide, Worden, MT.