Resilience in Chronic Heart Failure

This study investigated the correlates of resilience in 186 chronic heart failure (CHF) patients suffering from symptom burden and/or clinical relevant depression. CHF patients also were compared to a representative sample of the German general population (372 persons).

There was a significant and positive association of resilience with age and social support, and a negative correlation with hopelessness and the inability to understand and describe emotions. Resilience was significantly lower in depressed CHF patients as compared to the general population.

The researchers’ finding that resilience is particularly low in depressed CHF patients emphasizes the clinical relevance of depression in CHF, leading to the need for further research regarding the strengthening of resilience.


Lossnitzer N, Wagner E, Wild B, Frankenstein L, Rosendahl J, Leppert K, Herzog W, Schultz JH. (2014). Resilience in chronic heart failure. Dtsch Med Wochenschr. Mar: 139 (12): 580-4.