"Dr. Wagnild has given all of us good news: resilience is not something we are born with but something that we can learn."

Milena Tatic Bajich, PsyD

"Our work with Dr. Wagnild and The Resilience Center has been extremely informative and helpful in moving our Accounting firm forward. By utilizing the Individual Resilience Scale in tandem with the recently released Organizational Resilience Scale, we have learned so much about our organization. As a result, we are implementing a robust communication plan and meaningful recognition program to address critical issues identified from the survey results."

Maureen J. Kenney, Manager
Macpage LLC

"We have just completed a major study examining the effects of exercise on the physical, cognitive, and emotional health of children. We chose to include two resilience measures developed by Gail Wagnild’ s group in our work due to the scientific rigor and ease of administration of these scales."

Shelley Carson, PhD
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Affiliate of Harvard Medical School

"Every contact I have had with the Resilience Centre has been prompt, positive, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Gail provides tailored and insightful advice about which tools might be most suitable for each study I am undertaking. Gail is always professional and there is never any hard sell for the scales."

Prof Bernie Carter
Professor of Children's Nursing
Edge Hill University
Ormskirk, UK

"It is a widely recognized resilience scale due to its reliability and validity."

Jungran Yang
Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital
Seoul, Korea

"The Resilience Scale was one of four most promising measures selected out of 47 measures to assess resilience."

D Patry and R Ford
Social Research and Demonstration Corporation
Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

"The authors concluded that '...the Resilience Scale is the most psychometrically robust resilience scale for use with older adults'."

TD Cosco, A Kaushal, M Richards, D Uh, M Stafford
Resilience measurement in later life: a systematic review and psychometric analysis. Health Quality of Life Outcomes (2016) 14:16.

"Several authors ranked 29 scales designed to measure resilience according to specific psychometric quality criteria (e.g., reliability, convergent and divergent validity, etc.). The Resilience Scale ranked number one."

I Helmreich, A Kunzler, A Chmitorz, J König, H Binder, M Wessa, K Lieb
Isabella Helmreich, Angela Kunzler, Andrea Chmitorz, Jochem König, Harald Binder, Michèle Wessa,Klaus Lieb (2017). Psychological interventions for resilience enhancement in adults. Cochrane Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems Group. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD012527