Reliable. Valid. Proven.

When you use our resilience products, you are benefiting from 30 years of research. From measurement tools to programs that strengthen resilience – all are built on our unique five core resilience model.

For more than two dozen years, we have tested our underlying resilience model and found it to be a strong foundation for our assessments and interventions. 

Being resilient in the face of adversity and life’s inevitable difficulties results in the ability to withstand, adapt, learn and grow, which for many leads to the ability to flourish and thrive in the midst of stress.

Our Resilience Model enables us to:

  • Assess resilience with confidence.
  • Develop complete interventions that build resilience along the five core characteristics.
  • Provide insightful data analysis and recommendations for action steps.
  • Analyze in a meaningful way the relationships of resilience with other measures of interest.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of resilience interventions.


Five Core Resilience Model 

Each of the five unique core characteristics that constitute resilience contributes in a powerful way to overall resilience.

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