How resilient are you?

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What is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity each of us can develop that prepares us for life’s inevitable ups and downs and promotes positive adaptation to any situation no matter how serious and stressful it might be.

Being resilient is a vital advantage in today's world.

Resilient people:

In short, resilient people thrive!

Learn about the benefits of resilience, and what you can do to build your resilience. It can change your life.


The Science of Resilience

We know how to measure resilience. Our reliable, valid, and proven tools will enhance your research. 

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The Practice of Resilience

Like a muscle, resilience can be strengthened so you are ready for whatever comes your way.

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Our resilience products are reliable, valid, and proven.

Hundreds of studies and 25 years later, we offer solid and dependable products.


What is your Resilience IQ?


Welcome to the Resilience IQ Test. This is a challenging test that will test your knowledge of Resilience. Only 1 out of 10 who takes this test answers all questions correctly. Do you want to test your Resilience IQ?
Our resilience products and services are comprehensive and integrated.

From measurement tools to programs that strengthen resilience – all are built on our unique five core resilience model. 



The Definitive Book on Resilience:

True Resilience: Building a life of strength, courage, and meaning “Filled with practical ideas and the latest research. True Resilience is a fantastic guide to thriving in work and life!” - Tom Rath, best-selling author



Learn how your lifestyle supports your Resilience Core