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Offering organizations valid and reliable tools and programs to measure, build, and strengthen resilience among enrollees and employees

Most employers want to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace. A major factor making this outcome difficult to achieve is work-related unrelieved stress. Willis Towers Watson (2016) released a report that said 75% of U.S. employers say stress is their number one workplace health concern.1

What can employers do to achieve the goal of improved mental health among employees? 

An increasingly popular approach is to implement resilience programs. According to a survey from Buck Consultants at Zerox, 22% of companies currently have resilience programs and 28% plan to offer them in the future.2

Why are effective resilience programs in demand? Because greater resilience capacity leads to positive responses to change, challenge, and adversity. This is essential in today’s ever- changing and complex workplace.

After more than 25 years of research on resilience, we know that resilience can be measured, taught, and put to work in nearly all areas of life.                    

Our research results show that strengthening resilience leads to:

  • Reduced vulnerability to stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Increased sense of well-being and overall life satisfaction.
  • Better self-management for chronic illness.
  • Improved healthy behaviors including more exercise and better nutrition.
  • Higher self-rating of overall health.

The Resilience Center can partner with you to:

  • Measure individual resilience and supports as a baseline for action.
  • Prepare your coaches and other health promoting specialists to coach and strengthen individual resilience.
  • Build resilience and strengthen resilience supports for a life that is satisfying, rich, and rewarding.

We offer products and services that help your wellness program recognize, build, strengthen, and support their resilience. We offer:

  1. A hosted solution for all assessments including the Resilience Scale (2.0) and the  Resilience Supports Scale.  Using a hosted solution offers numerous benefits:
    • You can brand the assessments with your organization logo.
    • The assessment is password protected to ensure confidentiality.
    • Data are stored on a secure server.
    • The assessments can be administered once or as many times as you would like, which is ideal for pre- and post-intervention assessments, baseline and follow-up assessments.
    • You can request that different groups within your organization be kept separate for comparison purposes.
    • We can customize the assessments for you.
    • We can analyze the data and provide scorecards, written and oral reports that summarize your data, and offer recommended actions based on the data.
  1. Access to:
  2. A one-day Resilience workshop for coaches to learn about our Resilience assessments and coaching framework.

  3. Option to purchase the Resilience Coach's Guide that provides additional ideas for coaching individuals toward more resilience.

  4. Option to purchase the book True Resilience for detailed information about the Resilience Core and the Resilience Supporst.

  5. Option to purchase hourly consulting services from us to help you measure resilience and/or incorporate resilience building programs in your organization.

  6. Option to purchase data analysis, a scorecard, and written reports to help you track progress in your organization.

How do we measure individual resilience?

We offer proven, reliable, and valid assessments now used with more than 3 million people around the world.

Resilience Scale (2.0)

The online Resilience Scale (2.0) is a highly valid and reliable 25-item self-rating scale that measures individual resilience in any setting. It is the end result of more than 30 years of research and the most used scale to measure resilience in the world. 

The Resilience Scale (2.0) is:

  • Online and ready for your organization to brand and deliver within 3 business days.
  • Strengths-based, positively worded, easily understood, and fun to complete.
  • Highly cost-effective – as a single measure of resilience, it removes the need for separate measures to arrive at a resilience assessment.
  • Ideal as a baseline measure to estimate resilience in groups and assess changes in aggregate resilience scores over time or for individuals in coaching and counseling programs.

Resilience Profile

Upon completion of the Resilience Scale and at the click of a button, a personalized 9-page Resilience Profile is generated.

The Resilience Profile:

  • Is online and can be viewed, saved, and printed as a PDF document.
  • Explains an individual’s score in detail.
  • Offers recommendations for strengthening resilience.
  • Identifies behaviors that can diminish resilience.
  • Is an excellent starting place for workshops, individual reflection, group discussions, and coaching/counseling.

“These are sooooo good! I love the format of the results. I love the one for supports and that there is one for kids. Amazing!”

Robyn Mourning
Metropolitan Counseling, LLC

 “Many thanks for your link to the test portal through which I was able to test your True Resilience Scale. I have to say that my user experience was very positive and the tool itself worked perfectly! I especially appreciated the immediate feedback with practical tips. I also liked the True Resilience Supports Profile which was also available in the test environment. “

Anne Bruun

 “I did the survey (True Resilience Scale and Profile) and it's great!”

Kellie Garrett
Speaker, Coach, Consultant
Kellie Garrett Enterprises

 “I have had an opportunity to create a profile on the test site and I am exceptionally impressed with the resilience scale in this format. I find the format very appealing (graphs, trees) and love how the five components are described, their significance, how this describes someone and most importantly the next steps and actions.

I feel this scale is highly relevant for those we will be supported and could be part of their overall wellness and recovery planning.”

Lisa Appleby
CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin
Kitchener, ON

 “I had a run through the TRS and the TRSS - very interesting and right on the money for me I have to say. I am quite interested in using this as described previously.” 

Noni Byron
Prestige Health Services Australia

Resilience Supports Scale

The online  Resilience Supports Scale© is a 22-item self-rating scale that measures individual behaviors that support a strong resilience core.

The Resilience Supports Scale:

  • Is online and ready for organizations to brand and deliver within 3 business days.
  • Assesses resilience supports along four areas:
    • Balance
    • Engagement
    • Connections
    • Self-Care
  • Is strengths-based, easy to understand, and fun to complete.
  • Is an excellent baseline measure.

Resilience Supports Profile

Upon completion of the  Resilience Supports Scale and at the click of a button, a personalized profile is generated.

The Resilience Supports Profile:

  • Is online and can be viewed, saved, and printed as a PDF document.
  • Explains an individual’s score in detail.
  • Offers recommendations for how an individual can strengthen each support area.
  • Is an excellent starting place for workshops, individual reflection, group discussions, and coaching/counseling.

Client Story


A large wellness organization recognized that their current mental health assessment would be more complete if it included a resilience assessment that was both positive and fun to take. Further, they wanted to provide immediate feedback to their participants, which would not only serve as an incentive for participation, but could also be a first step in strengthening resilience.


We suggested that their employees be given access to the online Resilience Scale, which is a highly reliable and valid assessment for measuring personal resilience capacity. It is easy and quick to complete, positive, and insightful. Upon completion and at the click of the Submit button, the participant receives a detailed and personalized 9-page  Resilience Profile that explains their score and offers recommendations for building resilience.


The organization made the Resilience Scale and Profile available to their employees through a branded portal. Employee feedback was very positive. The Resilience Profile served as an excellent starting place for coaching and other interventions. The organization also decided to a Scorecard so that they could establish a baseline resilience score and track aggregate changes in resilience scores over time.

We offered the online Resilience Scale, the Resilience Profile, and a  Resilience Scorecard for employees through an employee Wellness Program. 


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