Tools for Graduate Student Researchers

As you develop your research proposal for a graduate degree, you want to be sure that you:

  1. Select reliable, valid, and established measures.
  2. Choose measures that are easy to use and simple to administer.
  3. Are provided with clear instructions for scoring and analysis.
  4. Select measures that have been widely published so that you have a rich literature from which to get ideas and compare findings.

The original 25-item Resilience Scale or the 14-item RS14 meet the above criteria. 

Our resilience measures have been requested by thousands of graduate student researchers from around the world over the past twenty years.  Be sure to check out the many translations available for each scale as well.

Pricing:  We offer a reduced student rate of $75 USD for a licensing agreement to use either the RS14 or the original 25-item Resilience Scale.

Once you purchase a licensing agreement to use either of these scales, you will not only have access to an outstanding resilience measure, but will also receive the detailed User’s Guide so that you have everything you need to conduct your research from beginning to end.  

Publications:  Check out the extensive Bibliography on this website for published research using the Resilience Scale and RS14.

You might also check out the Research Articles that present study abstracts from around the world that have used these resilience research tools. 

Once you purchase a licensing agreement you will receive:

  • A digital copy of either the RS14 or the original Resilience Scale.
  • The password protected User’s Guide.
  • The licensing agreement.

If you would like to purchase a licensing agreement for the original Resilience Scale click here and to purchase a licensing agreement for the RS14 click here.