Graduate Student Researcher

Please note that you are limited to 300 research participants in the licensing agreement.

All of the resilience measures require the purchase of a licensing agreement.  Without this agreement, you are not allowed to use the resilience measure.


Once purchased, you will receive a licensing agreement, password protected User’s Guide © and a copy of the print ready scale you have selected. If you are not sure of the resilience measure you prefer, please click on Assessments on the homepage.


If you are planning to use a resilience measure online (e.g., SurveyMonkey), you must agree to the following before purchasing a licensing agreement:


  1. The scale must be password protected and not open to the public. It must only be available to your research participants.
  2. The copyright must appear at the bottom of the scale.
  3. The scale must be removed as soon as the study is completed.
  4. The scale cannot be used in additional research or in your organization for purposes other than the research study for which you have a licensing agreement.