Online Resilience Assessment Portals

An Online Resilience Assessment Portal gives you the ability to administer our Resilience Assessment for Adults and our Resilience Assessment for Youth to groups of any size, from a secure, password-protected Web portal, with full access to aggregate data and our assistance available for data analysis and reporting.

All our Resilience Assessment Portals are hosted on secure, high-performance Web servers. This results in an excellent user experience and an efficient and reliable platform for measuring all aspects of resilience.

  • The end-user will like the Resilience Assessment Portal because:
    • It's easy, quick, and fun to take.
    • It's the most accurate assessment of individual resilience in the world.
    • They get a detailed and personalized Profile immediately after completing their Assessment.
    • They can view the Profile on their Web browser and in PDF format that is printable and able to be saved to their local storage.
    • They get detailed recommendations for building their individual resilience, based on their scores.
    • Their individual data are kept confidential, even from the provider.
  • You will like the Portal because:

    • You get a high-value solution to resilience measurement, with volume pricing available.
    • A new Portal can be ready to go right away.
    • You can link to our Portals from your Website, or you can provide the Portal’s address directly to the user.
    • There are three levels of customization available
      • A “generic” or unbranded Portal.
      • A "branded" Portal with your logo on each page.
      • A fully customized Portal with the look and feel of your own Web page layout and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
    • In addition to the assessment questions, you can choose background questions from a substantial set, to provide a richer understanding of your clients’ demographics, including age, gender, education, etc.
    • You can confidently assure your clients that their answers are confidential; you will have access to aggregate data only, protected by passwords and on secure Web servers.
    • We provide a full Web team to support you in case you experience technical problems, should any arise.
    • You can purchase multiple iterations (e.g., pre- and post-testing) if desired, at additional cost.
    • All our data are stored in SQL databases, so you can “slice and dice” the data any way you like.
    • Most packages include a brief data analysis and a written scorecard that gives you an overview of the group’s responses.
    • We can do custom analyses of your data upon request and at additional cost.

Try it before you buy it!

We can set up your new Resilience Assessment Portal right away for you to try. We will give you five free licenses so you can take the assessment and have other key decision-makers take it, too.

If you’re ready to try out your own Resilience Assessment Portal, please contact us. We will set up your portal and give you a quote. When you know you're happy with it, we can discuss payment.