For Coaches and Clinicians

Coaches and clinicians help their clients reach their goals, make changes in their life, overcome barriers, and meet challenges.

Coaches and clinicians support their clients on their path to a healthy, satisfying, and meaningful life. Part of the process includes helping clients to recognize personal strengths upon which to build sustainable practices and approaches to life’s challenges.

The Resilience Center:

  • Offers world-class measures to assess individual resilience that are valid and reliable.
  • Provides detailed and personalized resilience profiles that offer an excellent starting place for resilience development.
  • Provides guidelines and materials for offering individual and group coaching and workshops.

You can reliably assess and gain valuable insight into individual resilience with these tools:

  • Resilience Scale
    • Assess the strength of individual resilience with this classic assessment that measures the vital core of resilience along the five essential characteristics of true resilience.
  • Resilience Profile
    • Deliver an immediate detailed and personalized profile that shows individual strengths and areas in need of strengthening along the five essential characteristics of true resilience.
  • Resilience Supports Scale
    • Assess the four resilience supports that contribute to a complete resilience assessment.
  • Resilience Supports Profile
    • Deliver a personalized profile that shows areas of strength and areas in need of strengthening along areas of balance, self-care, connections, and engagement.

Check back often for online resources coming in 2017 that you can offer your clients including:

  • New interactive assessments.
  • Exercises and assignments for your clients.
  • Online resilience building program.