Licensing Agreement for Student Researchers

The student licensing agreement is for graduate students enrolled in a college/university degree program who are conducting research for a course or are candidates for a graduate degree. This license is not for university researchers, organizations, and others conducting evaluation studies who are not students.

The price for a Student Researcher Licensing Agreement is $US75.

We are offering the student licensing agreement in order to help students complete their research studies with reliable and valid measures.

You will receive electronically:

  • A password protected User's Guide. 
  • One-year license for a resilience assessment.
  • Print ready copy of the selected measure.

Follow these two easy steps:

Step One:       Complete the Registration Application.

Step Two:       Upon completion of the application, you will be redirected to PayPal to purchase your licensing agreement.      

You will receive your licensing agreement, print-ready resilience measure, and password protected User's Guide within 72 hours.