True Resilience Profile

The online True Resilience Profile is a detailed and personalized report explaining an individual’s True Resilience Scale score.

It breaks down the True Resilience Score by first looking at the total score and then each of the five core resilience characteristics.  

The True Resilience Profile:

  • Is online and generated at the click of a button and upon completion of the True Resilience Scale.
  • Is easy to understand and explains individual resilience scores using a positive and strengths-based approach.
  • Offers recommendations for strengthening resilience.
  • Identifies behaviors that can diminish resilience.
  • Is an excellent starting place for workshops, individual reflection, group discussions, and one-on-one coaching or counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions

The True Resilience Profile is effective with individuals from the age of 15 and up. For younger individuals, we recommend the True Resilience Assessment for Youth and the corresponding Profile.

No. When you purchase an agreement to offer the online True Resilience Scale to your clients or students, the online True Resilience Profile is included. You can choose to not offer the Profile, but it is included in the price for an online True Resilience Scale assessment.  

What others are saying about the True Resilience Profile


  • “These are sooooo good! I love the format of the results. I love the one for supports and that there is one for kids. Amazing!”

Robyn Mourning

Metropolitan Counseling, LLC


  • “Many thanks for your link to the test portal through which I was able to test your True Resilience Scale. I have to say that my user experience was very positive and the tool itself worked perfectly! I especially appreciated the immediate feedback with practical tips. I also liked the True Resilience Supports Profile which was also available in the test environment. “

Anne Bruun



  • “I did the survey (True Resilience Scale and Profile) and it's great!”

Kellie Garrett

Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Kellie Garrett Enterprises


  • “I have had an opportunity to create a profile on the test site and I am exceptionally impressed with the resilience scale in this format. I find the format very appealing (graphs, trees) and love how the five components are described, there significance, how this describes someone and most importantly the next steps and actions. I feel this scale is highly relevant for those we will be supported and could be part of their overall wellness and recovery planning.”

Lisa Appleby

CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

Kitchener, ON


  • “We were very impressed with the TRS and it is a good fit for what we’re looking for.”

Lauren Wardle, Jade Camps-Douglas


  • “I had a run through the TRS and the TRSS - very interesting and right on the money for me I have to say. I am quite interested in using this as described previously.”


Noni Byron

Prestige Health Services Australia

Detailed feedback on your true resilience score